What we do - Core Drilling

Diamond Drilling This particular drilling technique is used when precise circular cuts are required, as holes any diameter can easily be drilled to create openings for example, for plumbing, electrical and heating /ventilation installations. Core drilling is commonly used to create the holes for routing cables or for placing anchor bolts, and many more.

• Holes for plumbing/heating pipes

• Holes for air-conditioning and air vents

• Corner holes for window openings,

• Access holes for services

• Angular drilling

• Downpipe & overflow holes

• Holes for Fireplaces

The latest technology at your disposal

The latest equipment means you can use manual and fully automatic machinery. All equipment is light weight for good manual handling.

Diamond drilling offers many benefits:

  • Clean and tidy with little reinstatement Dry drilling - with vacuum attachment for dust free work if required
  • Vibration free, with low noise levels
  • Effective way to create service holes
  • Wet drilling with full vacuum containment facility, if required
  • Works can be carried out in confined areas or finished areas i.e., hospitals, supermarkets, offices and schools
  • Non-percussion method, avoiding problems with structural integrity

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